Type R - The Next Chapter Begins at CRC Speedshow

One of the world's most iconic road cars - and one with one of the biggest cult followings  - is set to make its first appearance in the New Zealand public arena at the 2017 CRC Speedshow event.


The latest Honda Civic Type R is the fifth generation of an iconic line that stretches back 20 years and is also, officially, the fastest ever front wheel drive car around the fabled Nurburgring.

The new Civic Type R, sharing the body style of the Civic 5-door Hatch variant of the 10th generation global Honda Civic platform, features a 2.0L DOHC i-VTEC Engine producing 228kw of Power with 400Nm of Torque mated exclusively to a short-throw 6-speed manual transmission with rev matching capability – employing automatic throttle blips for smoother shifts and power delivery. A new single-mass flywheel reduces clutch inertia by 25 percent versus the previous European Type R and a lower final gear ratio is employed to improve acceleration response.
The Civic Type R chassis builds on the major upgrades undertaken for the tenth generation Civic with model exclusive spring, damper and bushing settings, a new Dual-Axis front suspension setup with aluminium lower arms and steering knuckles for improved at the limit cornering and reduced torque steer; a new four-wheel Adaptive Suspension System with three chamber dampers; a retuned and adaptive dual-pinion electric power steering system with variable gear ratio; and a helical limited slip front differential.  

Like the Type R Civics that came before it, it is the flagship car in that Honda range and has been welcomed by enthusiasts and car critics all over the world since it was revealed earlier this year.

"There's no question that the Type R Civic has iconic status and a cult following in the car market today and the latest incarnation is the best yet in terms of performance and will undoubtedly become a classic in the same way as the previous versions have," commented Speedshow organiser Ross Prevette.

"With its first public appearance being at CRC Speedshow we are expecting it to be extremely popular."

The show - which takes place at the ASB Showgrounds - opens its doors to the public for the weekend of July 22 and 23. As well as some of the finest car displays in the Southern hemisphere, there is also a packed schedule for the Live Action Arena which runs both days and a huge number of other indoor attractions such as hot rod reveals, RC racing and championship winning New Zealand racing cars.