Hot Rods have become an ever more popular addition to the CRC Speedshow and this year will be no different, with the show once again set to show one of the best fields of new and unseen hot rod heavy metal in the country.

At least ten new builds will be revealed for the first time at this year's Teng Tools Grand National Rod & Custom Show, the fourth edition of this important part of the CRC Speedshow event. There will be a packed house of more than 55 other rare and popular examples of the hot rod genre on display and as organiser Ross Prevette confirmed, it is just one element of the overall CRC Speedshow package that continues to grow and add new spectators to the event.


"Back in 2013 many Hot Rod owners in New Zealand were frustrated by the lack of good quality indoor shows," he explained. "There were a lot of clubs putting on shows, but most of these were low-key events that did not attract top cars. The only good event in the country was the annual NZHRA show, but unfortunately you had to be a member to show your car, plus the event moves around the country each year.


"There was quite a demand for a big single show and the trade magazines even ran articles stating the need for an event that could be held at the same time, same place each year, just like they do in the USA. One magazine even mentioned that CRC Speedshow was the best option NZ had, and suggested that we (CRCSS) take the bull by the horns and produce a Hot Rod show that was completely independent from any club and regional or national organisation. So to cut a long story short, we took the bull by the horns and created the Grand National Road & Custom Show.


"The show has been a huge success ever since with both car owners and the general CRC Speedshow public and this year will be no different with another fantastic selectio0n of first time reveals genuinely providing ice on the cake.”


The quality of the cars on show at the event is also nothing short of world class, so anyone visiting the hot rod element of the CRC Speedshow event will be seeing some of the best workmanship and machines in the hot rod world.


"There's no question that the show features world class projects," added Prevette. "Last year, for example, there were three of the very best cars that could compete with the best in world. In-fact one of those cars had actually competed in an elite US Hot Rod show and won!


"Some of the builds we have had at the show have reportedly cost in excess of $1m. On average I would say the top cars would be around the $300 to $500K mark. Also many of these builds take between five and ten years so they really are masterpieces of quality, creativity and Kiwi ingenuity."


This year's spectacular CRC Speedshow opens its doors at the ASB Showgrounds over the weekend of July 21 and 22. Tickets will be available from early May from Eventfinda and there will be a number of Early Bird offers to get things rolling with tickets starting from just $22.50 and family tickets available for mum and dad and two kids and also tickets for groups with kids under 12 going free when accompanied by an adult. More information is available from