The 2019 edition of CRC Speedshow has added another segment to its wares this year and it is expected to be quite the show stopper.

The Sound FM in association with the New Zealand Chopper Club is setting up a massive indoor custom motorcycle show that will display the designers and builders from the two wheeled fraternity.

There are likely to be a handful of three wheeled machines on exhibition as well, but regardless of the minor wheel count detail they all come under the same umbrella and will be part of the finest machines on display in NZ.

It is something that Speedshow Operations Manager Ross Prevette has been wanting to do for many years and now it’s happening he is certain that the show visitors will appreciate the efforts by both the builders and the NZ Chopper Club to get the machines to the ASB Showgrounds.

“Having built many custom motorcycles when I owned a custom car/bike shop (in a previous life), I have always wanted to introduce a custom motorcycle element to Speedshow, but have been too busy growing other areas of the show. However, earlier this year I approached Dion from the NZ Chopper Club to see if they could help, and the club jumped at the opportunity.”

The NZ Chopper Club was established in 2016 as a social club for custom motorcycle enthusiasts and club President Dion Tilson is excited about the upcoming event for multiple reasons.

“We have been contacted by bike builders from all over the country and we should be unveiling some new bike builds over the show weekend. The entries are coming in fast” he stated enthusiastically. 

He is also fully aware of the cherry on top for the event – the arrival of Chip Foose.

“Chip Foose is a legend in the automotive and custom scene and having secured Chip onsite over the CRC Speedshow weekend is testament to all those involved in running a successful show. It’s not often the NZ public get to meet and see a high-profile personality such as Chip, so the 2019 CRC Speedshow weekend should be one to remember!”

 With seven categories of motorcycles, visitors will have an opportunity to see all types of custom machinery with a focus on the unique and radical - certainly not your stock shelf motorcycle. The show area will also highlight some of the best trade sites from the Custom motorcycle industry, a display to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of Easy Rider, a kid’s chopper photo op area and much more. Just like the car and hot rod scene, a lot of time and expense goes in to owners customising their motorcycles and this will be clear to see.

The club will also highlight their support for the welfare charity Paw Justice across the weekend, and will bring an awareness to the public of the work that goes on in that programme.

Prevette also shared how The Sound FM Custom Motorcycle Show is a welcome addition to CRC Speedshow as it will show automotive creations to a predominantly car enthusiast crowd.

“Just like the Hot Rods in Grand National Rod and Custom Show, custom bike builders and owners will get to express their individuality and style in their custom creations. Some are reasonably mild; however, many are outrageous to the point where non-bikers will ask, can and do you really ride that? The cool thing is, the public will see many different custom themes from outrageous Pro-street choppers and baggers, to old school bobbers & choppers.”