Go 'Back to the Future' at CRC Speedshow

A world-class ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean replica will have its first major public showing at CRC Speedshow in Auckland this July.


A world-class ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean replica will have its first major public showing at CRC Speedshow in Auckland this July.

The car is owned by Aucklander Mat Bedogni, who spent the best part of two years and a heap of money converting the DeLorean into the movie’s Hero Car which has been valued at over $200,000.

“Speedshow is Auckland based, so it wasn’t a hard decision to bring it along.   The show’s central location and two-day long event time allows ample opportunity for people to visit.  So many people are keen for the experience,  and can’t justify a private event themselves, so this is a good way for people to see it, touch it, and get their photos taken inside,” says Mat.

The car is loaded with electronics and lighting to mimic the movie car’s functions and sounds making it a real “Back to the Future” experience for young and old.

Mat says that you can punch any date into the time circuits then do a mock time travel complete with sound effects where the speedo ramps up to 88mph, the Flux Capacitor strobes as the Spectrum Analyser peaks at full load, while the plutonium level drops to empty the date changes from 'destination time' to 'present time', just like the real thing.

On the outside of the car the flux bands light up, as do the rear vents and the plutonium reactor core providing an enthralling real movie car effect.

“I like to say it’s 95 per cent accurate to the movie car. I’ve have had an American DeLorean guru and film maker visit the car.  He advised it’s in the top two or three in the world, as being the most accurate, and he has seen all of them so I guess I’m not far off,” says Mat.

Mat also hopes to have several movie props also on display, such as the famous hover boards, self-lacing shoes and the Grays Sports Almanac.

CRC Speedshow visitors will be offered the opportunity to buy a ‘time travel certificate’ folder with a photo to prove they’ve experienced the DeLorean as they’ll be allowed to sit in the car while a photo is taken and printed on the spot before a special memento folder is presented for would be time travellers to take home.

This car is an exact replica of the original vehicle and totally accurate in detail, right down to the types of screws used. The original car has been in New Zealand for nine years as a standard DeLorean but in 2013, Mat started the time machine conversion.

“I only finished building the car in October last year and started showing it soon after. People react in different ways when they see it.  Most are in disbelief that such a car is in New Zealand. Some just stand there with their mouth wide open. Others just beam from ear to ear - seeing makes their day. I get a lot of thumbs up and big smiles.”

This is the only ‘Back to the Future’ Time Machine DeLorean in New Zealand, but not the only one in the world. There are approximately 30 replicas around the world, but only are a mere five ‘screen accurate’ models and of these five, Mat’s car has been classed and the second or third most accurate.

“I did the conversion for myself and was not planning on sharing it with everyone. But when I used the car as a draw card to help a friend sell his Sci Fi book last year, I soon realised how much joy the car brings to so many people.”

DeLorean cars were manufactured in Ireland during a two-year period from 1981 to 1983. Around 8,500 were made, and less than 600 survive today. The car had a fibreglass body with Lotus-designed chassis, and wrapped with stainless steel body panels.