The best radio controlled racers in the country are set to go head to head for a collection of national titles once again at this year's CRC Speedshow.

The New Zealand Indoor Off-Road Radio Controlled Championship (NZIOC) will once again be fought out at Speedshow in its own bespoke indoor arena and as in previous years, is set to be a popular addition to the country's biggest automotive industry event.
Backed by Parts Connection, the titles for 2wd buggies, 4wd buggies, 2wd trucks, 2wd short course cars and the Stars of Tomorrow for Under 12 racers will all be up for grabs over the weekend of July 22 and 23. The race format will be three rounds of qualifying with each race five minutes in duration. Racers are coming from as far afield in New Zealand as Wanaka and internationally there are even competitors from Perth in the shape of Darren and Braeden Johnston.
The one they will all have to watch, however, is current NZIOC champion in the 2wd buggy, 4wd buggy and 2wd truck - Chris Sturdy.
With the Australian interest, organisers have once again included a sub championship competition between New Zealand and Australian drivers. It's the third year of the competition and the results currently stand at one apiece. This year the stakes have been raised with three stand-alone test match races where teams of five drivers from each country will do battle for honours.
M Branz Ltd, Wild Turbo Fans, One To One Hundred, the Italian Auto Centre and Speedi Models have also lent their support to this year's showdown.
"If you are fan of radio controlled racing, then the action at CRC Speedshow is going to be some of the best you will see in the country full stop,” explained show organiser Ross Prevette. "It’s a great environment to see the action up close and chat to the racers. The radio controlled machinery is simply amazing and the course is always spectacular. It’s really a 'must see' for anyone visiting CRC Speedshow this year."