CRC Speedshow in association with 3M have secured Hot Rod Hall of Famer Chip Foose as their special VIP guest for the July 2019 event

Foose has a legendary status in the automotive world not just for his skillset of designing cars, but also for his ability to build them, and being inducted to the Hall of Fame at the tender age of 31 is a testament to his craft.


Having painted his first car before he turned the age of 12 - and it was a Porsche no less - Foose has continued to forge out a career as a leading talent in the customising trade.


He has a staggering career profile that includes prototype and conceptual designing for vehicle OEM’s, and the creation of specialty machines for film and television, the likes of  Blade Runner, RoboCop and Gone in 60 Seconds.


Having started the television show “Overhaulin” in 2004, car fans were able to see his personal love for car design, and bringing Foose to New Zealand for the CRC Speedshow to share his knowledge and talents to a live audience has been a goal of the event for years.


The shows former owner Ross Prevette who has returned as operations manager has been working tirelessly in the background to bring Foose to the multitude of down-under fans.


“Basically he’s a God in the car world” Prevette enthusiastically explains, “If you know cars, then you know Foose. In simple terms he’s the Elvis of the car world and he’s coming here!”


With the show set for July 21 - 22 at the ASB Showgrounds, Foose will spend two days talking to the people in the trade, and mingling with the fans