We look at cars every day - whether we like them or not - but have you ever had a real sense of Deja vu when one particular car has caught your eye?

Chances are, it caught your eye because you have seen it before - or at least something like it!

Manufacturers today and in recent years have often paid homage to older classic models when they have introduced new cars. Some argue they are trying to recapture the good old days, others say the modern take on some of the industry's all time classics brings the story right up to date for a new clientele. Or maybe they just cannot let a good thing go....

For the first time in its 11 year history - Speedshow - the country's largest automotive event, will celebrate cars that have had a second coming with its spectacular new Classic Cover Insurance Retromania Display. The display will showcase a selection of what we believe are some of the best modern retro styled cars out there, but to complete the picture, the original model that these cars were styled from will be sitting right alongside.

There are plenty of potential cars to display in New Zealand, and organisers are still whittling their way down to a select few, but the stand at this year's show will definitely include old and new model examples of the Mini Cooper, VW Beetle, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Ford GT40/Ford GT, Fiat 500, Jaguar E Type/F Type, Toyota FJ/FJ40, Jaguar S Type/ Mk2 and the iconic Dodge Challenger.

The display stand will measure 30m x 10, plus another adjoining 8m x 10m site for the sponsor Classic Cover Insurance and both areas will feature a selection of genuine 'stand out' cars.

"It's a must for all car fans," explained show organiser Ross Prevette. "There are a lot of car manufacturers who in recent years have recreated or at least 'revisited' some of their classic and most successful designs. Old favourites with a modern twist if you like. This will be the first major display of its kind in New Zealand and we reckon will definitely turn a few heads and have people taking a long and lingering look at both the old and the new."

The show - which takes place at the ASB Showgrounds - opens its doors to the public for the weekend of July 22 and 23. As well as some of the finest car displays in the Southern hemisphere, there is also a packed schedule for the Live Action Arena which runs both days and a huge number of other indoor attractions such as hot rod reveals, RC racing and championship winning New Zealand racing cars.


Richard Gee