2014 - Hot rod? No, Volksrod!

Some hot rods are built simply for fun – but one created by Andy Connor of Silverdale almost smiles back at you

Hot rod? No, Volksrod!

Date: July, 2014

Some hot rods are built simply for fun – but one created by Andy Connor of Silverdale almost smiles back at you – complete with surf board on top. Connor’s unique VW version of a hot rod, which he’s dubbed a ‘Volksrod’, will only just be finished in time for the 2014 CRC Speedshow. [European custom Andy Connor VW Beetle Volksrod_2]

Connor is looking forward to the first official showing his first ever custom car build, which he laughs, started as a minor midlife crisis. Connor has a placed a 1600cc high compression race engine into a 1969 Volkswagen Roadster.

The 42 year old restored a 1971 VW Super Beetle for his daughter’s first car and then decided he wanted to build one for himself, but wanted something different. Previously he’s restored Austin Healey and VW Beetle vehicles. The 1969 Volksrod project is definitely a show car rather than for one everyday running about.

Made for pure eye-candy pleasure, Connor plans to enter all the big shows for one year starting with the biggest, the upcoming 2014 CRC Speedshow.

The dazzling display at the show is expected to attract tens of thousands of fans and showcases nearly 50 of New Zealand’s best, hand-picked custom hot rods, American and Australian street machines, hi-tech Japanese and European customs, custom motorbikes and pickups.

Every part of this car is fabricated by Connor, right down to the redesign and welding up the custom four cannon exhaust system – which he proudly says – sounds awesome and very loud. He plans to build another ‘out of the box’ car when the Volksrod has done the circuit.

“I like designing the cars and making all the little bespoke items they require,” he says. “It helps in having the use of a wide range of scrap metal and aluminium from my place of work to help the builds.”

Connor works in purchasing and customer services for The Fence and Gate Shop in Silverdale.

Before moving to New Zealand 14 years ago, he gained trade qualifications as a Mercedes Benz technician, and then went in to warranty management with Mercedes Benz UK Ltd.

Connor is a man of many talents. When time outside of building cars permits, he plays a wide range of instruments for fun, and is involved with Life Church in Albany.