2015 Brothers do battle in bike ‘build off’

Classic bike enthusiasts may cringe when they see what James Currie of Pukekohe has in store for this year’s Grand National Rod & Custom Show held as part of the CRC Speedshow in Auckland.

2015 - Classic bike enthusiasts may cringe when they see what James Currie of Pukekohe has in store for this year’s Grand National Rod & Custom Show held as part of the CRC Speedshow in Auckland.

His machine creation is part of a ‘bike build off’ between himself and his brother Mark, which is sure to raise eyebrows at New Zealand’s biggest automotive show, the CRC Speedshow held on the 18th and 19th of July.

The 2015 CRC Speedshow will attract tens of thousands of fans, and the special celebration of all things ‘hot rod’, the Teng Tools Grand National Rod & Custom Show, offers a hand-picked selection of around 40 of New Zealand’s best hot rods and custom made motorbikes.

But James is hoping his custom motorcycle build, from an original 1948 BSA C10, displays a creative graft of new and old.

“This build could also be thought of as quite controversial because not many bike restorers would be too happy knowing that we have basically cut up a vintage BSA C10 motorcycle.  We would still love to see them come and have a look,” says James.

The long battle between the Currie brothers started a couple of years ago when the duo decided to each build a custom 250cc bike. Mark chose a 1980’s Suzuki GN250 while James chose a 1948 BSA C10.

Both are incredibly different bikes but the brothers wanted to have a ‘bike build off’ between each other to see who could design the best looking custom bike.

Last year Mark entered his custom Suzuki GN250 in the CRC Speedshow and was voted second in its class.  This year it’s James’ turn with his black, silver and bronze coloured bike. 

His bike is being fully re-built ready for the show, with all major components being modified or custom made, including the frame, triple clamps, seat, exhaust, and tank. 

James’ brother Mark says: “We only started when we had confirmation of our acceptance into the show two months ago.

“James has designed all the parts and the style of his bike and we have both worked together to build it. It’s been, and continues to be, a massive build.”

The photo James supplied was only a mock up and he says the finished product will look quite different.  “This makes it more exciting because we’re building a show quality bike in just over two months, and only hours after work to do it in,” adds James.

“We have great appreciation for bike restorers.  It’s a very controlled and meticulous process which takes great commitment and care. We feel this it is a chance to show bike restorers a good example of the other side of the coin [restore and modify] to see what they think of our creation.”

CRC Speedshow director, Ross Prevette, says he’s excited for the fans this year and says the entry from Pukekohe will add a whole new element to the Grand National Rod and Custom Show.

“James’ bike is a stunning example of a customised motorcycle and we’re very fortunate to have it coming to CRC Speedshow this year. Show-goers can also vote for their favourite car or motorbike known, the people’s choice award, with both the award winner and one lucky voter taking home some great prizes, courtesy of our sponsors like Teng Tools.”

The ninth annual CRC Speedshow takes place at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds over the weekend of 18 and 19 July 2015.  Tickets are available at the gate and from the show website www.speedshow.co.nz. 

More information about the 2015 CRC Speedshow can be found on the website; www.speedshow.co.nz.