Meet Chip Foose


This year we are extremely privileged to have automotive legend Chip Foose at CRC Speedshow 2019, courtesy of 3M.

Chip Foose has a legendary status in the automotive world not just for his skill set in designing cars, but also for his ability to build them.

In a relatively short career, Chip has created a legacy of designs and accomplishments that are well beyond his years.

He has a staggering career profile that includes prototype and conceptual design for many vehicle OEM’s, plus the creation of specialty machines for film and television, the likes of Blade Runner, RoboCop and Gone in 60 Seconds.

Chip also starred in the hit television show ‘Overhaulin’ where car fans were able to see his personal love and talent for car design in a whole new light. Add to this an honour roll including four Ridler awards, involvement in eight AMBR awards and the Good Guys Street Rod of the Year award eight times, and you can clearly see why Chip Foose has reached legendary status in the automotive industry.

3M’s global ambassador Chip Foose will be spending a full two days at CRC Speedshow 2019, talking with show visitors, signing autographs, drawing cars and running two special seminars called - Meet Chip Foose.