Public Reveal No 1 - Honda Civic Type R

One of the world's most iconic road cars - and one with one of the biggest cult followings - is set to make its first appearance in the New Zealand public arena at the 2017 CRC Speedshow. The latest Honda Civic Type R is the fifth generation of an iconic line that stretches back 20 years and is also, officially, the fastest ever front wheel drive car around the fabled Nurburgring.


Public Reveal No 2 - Lexus LC500

Making its public debut at CRC Speedshow 2017 will be the stunning all-new LC500 flagship coupe from Lexus. Athletically shaped with an alluring low stance, the LC 500 is all about beauty, power and handling. With it's 5.0-liter, 467 horsepower V8, this blend of power, performance and cutting-edge design, allows the car to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in a mere 4.7 seconds! 


Public Reveal No 3 - Juno

World renowned racing car manufacturer Juno has chosen New Zealand and the CRC Speedshow for the southern hemisphere reveal of its latest challenger. Using a brand new Juno chassis, powered by a 1000cc bike engine producing 220 bhp, this wings and slicks racer uses composite materials such as carbon fibre on the bodywork and aero with a stunning dry weight of less than 350kg. If you want to know more, then come along and see the global reveal.....


Public Reveal No 4 - Jaguar XKSS

When Jaguar decided to recreate nine examples of the legendary XKSS, they were righting a wrong that occurred when fire destroyed the originals in 1957 and CRC Speedshow fans will be able to see the results at this year's event.
Jaguar’s new supercar has been 60 years in the making. Don’t expect paddle shift, ABS, or even the luxury of electric windows — as well as a vintage look, the XKSS has vintage features to boot. It is based on a racing D-Type chassis and is technically a "continuation car," a special type of replica in which production ceased but has since restarted using original designs and methods. This is one special car and one not to be missed at CRC Speedshow 2017! 


Public Reveal No 5 - Project Craz-E-horse

Craz--horse will be the world's fastest street legal electric powered vehicle.

Based around a 5th generation Mustang GT, the extensively modified but street legal vehicle will have the look and stance of a 'Hot Wheels' model car, and will be extremely minimal in every sense.

Craz-E -horse will be used on both the street and drag strip, and will have two very different operation modes – (1) Nana Mode for street driving with a range of up to 100k’s, and (2) Animal Mode for drag racing duties.

Craz-E -horse will be revealed at CRC Speedshow 2017 as an unfinished project, and in the months following will be tested and completed to allow us to set a world record as the fastest street legal electric vehicle over a ¼ mile. All record attempts will be run at Meremere Dragway under the watchful eye of NEDRA (NEDRA is the National Electric Drag Racing Association based in the USA).

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